Provide for your
loved ones

Be confident in knowing that your family will be taken care of in the future.

If you need:

  • More or less coverage
  • To convert to term policy
  • A final expense plan
  • No longer need your current life insurance policy

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Coverage when you
need it most

You have more important things to worry about. Let us handle the costs.

Do you need:

  • Affordable/reduced individual medical plan
  • To change or increase current individual plan
  • Flexibility to go to any physician
  • A group plan

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plans and coverage

Choose the options that work best for you and your unique situation.

If you need a Medicare Supplemental Plan:

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"I went a long time without medical protection because I simply could not afford it. Otis D. Jackson & Associates got a plan that allows me to go to any physician, hospital, or provider for less than 50% of the cost of the Affordable Care Act plans." --Stephen G.

"After heart surgery, a second operation, and becoming a diabetic, I needed life insurance coverage. To my surprise, I had become uninsurable and no life insurance company would touch me. After contacting Otis D. Jackson, they reviewed all my options and obtained life insurance for me that did not even require a medical exam. I am so relieved to know that I was able to meet my own life insurance needs despite my medical condition." --Erica A.

"I waited a long time to purchase life insurance because I thought I could not afford it. After contacting Otis Jackson, I was able to get life insurance coverage at a cost that was very affordable. Now I am sorry that I waited for so long." --Patricia R.

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